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Submission Requirements

All papers are subject to The Journal of Finance’s Submission Guidelines and Policies and Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy

New submissions submitted on or after September 2, 2016 must comply with the Code Sharing Policy. The Code Sharing Policy FAQ provides further explanations. Any authors who do not agree to the foregoing policies should not submit their papers to the JF.

To avoid delays, please follow the submission requirements carefully. The editor will not see your paper until these requirements are met:

  • You must provide a conflict-of-interest disclosure statement and place it following the title page of your submission--not in a separate file. If the paper involves co-authors, each co-author must contribute a separate declaration (by name) in the disclosure statement. Note: The disclosure statement should be included even if the authors have nothing to disclose; this fact should be explicitly stated (e.g., "I have nothing to disclose"). The disclosure statement will be available to referees. The statement pages do not count toward the 60-page limit.
  • All papers must be in PDF format and submitted electronically.
  • Refereeing at The Journal of Finance (JF) is single-blind. The first page of your paper should be a title page containing the title of the manuscript, the names of the authors, and an abstract of not more than 100 words.
  • Your manuscript must not exceed 60 pages in length (with at least 1.5 line spacing, 12-point font, 1-inch side margins, and 1.5-inch top/bottom margins). This page limit includes internal appendices, reference lists, figures, and tables. Papers exceeding this page limit will be immediately desk-rejected. Additional material may be included in an Internet Appendix. However, the paper must be self-contained so that readers can understand the study in its entirety without having to rely on any separate material. If there is an Internet Appendix, it should be placed at the end of the manuscript, not as a separate upload. It does not count toward the 60-page limit.
  • See the links above for additional mandatory submission guidelines and requirements.

When you have followed all the submission requirements above, you can submit a new paper to The Journal of Finance by clicking here. Revisions must conform to the same requirements (with the exception of the Code Sharing policy if the initial first-round submission was before September 2, 2016). To submit a revision, click here and select "Resubmission" in Step 2.

Note: authors submitting in response to a "revise and resubmit" or “reject and resubmit” decision by Cam Harvey should contact Wendy Washburn at for assistance.

Submission Fees

  • High-Income Economies. AFA Members: $250, Non-Members: $300
  • Middle-Income Economies. AFA Members: $100, Non-Members: $150
  • Low-Income Economies. No Submission Fee

Click here for lists of economies by income level. (Updated March 2017)
Submission fees will be paid via credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) as part of the submission procedure.

Return/Refund Policy: The submission fee will be refunded if the editorial decision on a submission is rendered more than 100 days after the receipt of the submission by the editorial office. This refund policy applies only to a manuscript's first submission.

New Section in Journal: Replications and Corrigenda 

As part of our ongoing effort to expand professional dialogue about papers published in The Journal of Finance, we are introducing a new, periodic section of the Journal for “Replications and Corrigenda.” Read more.

Joint Editorial

A Joint Editorial has been written by David Hirshleifer, G. William Schwert, and Kenneth J. Singleton (Editors, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial Economics, and Journal of Finance), and can be viewed here.


The Journal of Finance allows authors to appeal rejected submissions for a fee of $500. Click here for our new appeal policy and instructions for submitting. Click here to submit an appeal.

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